Lébu Suppers

Immersive Culinary experiences & connecting over food

Culinary experiences created with love, local produce & re-imagining old classics into contemporary versions

Lébu Suppers were born out of the love of food. We admire the power it has to connect all of us, connect all of us to strangers, to cultures, to the earth and to ourselves. Each supper is born to savour food; it could be through an ingredient, appreciating what is local and in season or simply a forgotten cuisine; all re-imagined in a new form.

In a world that is moving so fast, we believe in slowing down, to cherish life , to really savour life and what better way to savour life than enjoying a beautifully prepared meal. Lébu Suppers are immersive culinary experiences created with the purpose of slowing down and savour your plate. These are shared experiences, for we believe that an experience shared is an experience multiplied. You could be sitting across someone who like you loves food, or loves art or has travelled the world.

For a few hours, you get to savour a slow-paced meal, often served course by course inspired by what is local, in season and travels. As the meal unfolds guests discover new flavours, new cuisines and an appreciation for food ; all while discovering new conversations with new people. At the end of the meal, guests usually walk away inspired by this unique mindful gathering.

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Lébu Suppers are in Bangalore only, for now.

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I’m not a chef. But I’m passionate about food - the tradition of it, cooking it, and sharing it.
— Zac Posen

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