Roasted Pumpkin with Moringa leaves & Basil Pesto

A recipe that uses the super food ‘Moringa’ in a way that you can make once & store in the fridge for many days


Getting back to the basics. Cooking from scratch. Clean eating as much a possible. These have been my goals for the past 1 year more than anything. It’s not like I don’t fall off the wagon and just order in food, again! (*clears throat*). But I try and I persevere.

 It’s difficult, I know, can I get a yes?? Hell yes!. Between all the options to order in and all the places to eat out and all the exhaustion from leading a life (hello?) where is the time or the energy?

As for me, I try , I have made food & cooking the centre of my universe for the past few months so yes I cook more , I cook almost every day of the week (save a few days) but I can't cook all days. Cooking from scratch has many benefits other than the obvious ones, it’s healthier, yes absolutely. But it’s so much more. Cooking is therapeutic, cooking is creating a connection with yourself and for the ones you cook, appreciate everything that one time in the day when our minds are calm.

So tell me how many of you here cooks from scratch at least 3 times a week?

While you are thinking , here is a recipe for the Lébu #mywintertable for a ‘Roasted Pumpkin with Moringa & Basil Pesto’. Clean simple eating at its best, made from scratch, with some superfood thrown in a.k.a ‘Moringa leaves’. We all love drumsticks don’t we? This is the leaves of that same plant, available all fresh in the markets now. Its tastes too good, try it.


Cut red or white pumpkin into cubes, put your fav oil or butter, some lime juice, some salt & pepper and roast in the oven for 20- 25 minutes at 150 C (until they become brown)

Take some Moringa leaves and basil leaves, and put it in a blender, along with lime juice , salt & pepper

You can have this with spaghetti or put it in a roll of roti or just have it with a bit of bread