Fire roasted whole eggplant with sumac yogurt


Fire roasted whole eggplant with sumac yogurt

I refuse to accept that the whole excitement over Christmas and New Year and all the fun food is over.:-( Give me a holiday and I can turn it in to a party, with lots of food of course. I had taken to setting our table for dinner everyday with a pretty table cloth , celebratory cutlery & flatware and candles everyday for the past 2 weeks. I think I am going to keep it for the next few days.

And while we get back to the every day I am grateful for the winter and all it brings. Sharing one but last #mywintertablerecipewith this ‘Fire roasted whole eggplant with sumac yogurt’. It is the perfect ode to the cold nights , the smoky aroma lingers long after the eggplant has been roasted on the stove. This is just a variation of the classic ‘Baingan ka Bharta’ that we all grew up eating in India. I used Sumac, my favourite middle eastern spice, but you can use any good dried spice that you love, the yogurt makes it into a meal with some bread on the side.

Just roast the eggplant over the stove till the skin starts peeling, rest & cool before removing the skin, remove the pulp, mash with spices and yogurt & enjoy.

Also, if you didn’t know, there are quite a few recipes right in my blog for Lébu #mywintertable. A series of super quick winter weeknight dinner includes 1) A warm avocado & basil soup 2) A persimmon & whiskey cocktail 3) A whiskey cake with pear & coconut sugar caramel 4) A red amaranth leaves & brussel sprouts salad 5) pumpkin stir fry w/moringa + basil pesto 6) A warm tomato & tamarind rasam (soup/broth) 6) And a strawberry cookie.