Persimmon & Whiskey Holiday Cocktail

As the season changes , and it’s cold outside , so does the way we drink. Gone are the cold tall glasses of beer, the fridge space clears up and the small wooden cabinet where we stock our alcohol fills up.

Persimmon & whiskey cocktail.jpeg

Both Vivek & I love the very idea of winter, he keeps his sweaters out all year round, blessed are we , with the weather of Bangalore. In Delhi, where he was living when we met, if nothing else , he loved all the winter attire, buying me a black & white scarf as one of the first gifts, which I cherish. Oh I love the winters. V& I both enjoy a good drink to warm us up. But more than that we love creating drinks, a signature drink for a Christmas party , or a drink which we can serve when friends come over , there is no greater joy then sitting together with a warm drinks in our hands as the conversation flows easily.

This year, for the first time I spotted persimmons in the market, fat , orange , crunchy and I knew one of the drink we make has to be with this fruit. So here goes, for the Lébu #mywintertable, , ‘ A Persimmon & Whiskey Holiday Cocktail’.

This makes for a great welcome drink for friends dropping by or just for yourself, for a night in, curl up with a book with a drink in hand.


For the Persimmon Syrup
2 small persimmons , tops removed and chopped (1 cup)
1 cup sugar
3/4 cup water
Lemon from 1-2 lemons zest plus 1/4 cup lemon juice
2 whole star anise
For the Persimmon Whiskey Holiday Cocktails
60 ml good Whiskey (I used Black & White)
60 ml Persimmon syrup (adjust this as per taste)
A few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice
Soda to top off 
Star anise & Cinnamon quills for garnish


To make the persimmon syrup, combine persimmons, sugar, water, lemon zest and juice, and star anise in a small saucepan set over medium heat. When mixture boils, edge heat down to a gentle simmer and steep for 20 minutes. Remove zest and star anise , puree in a blender, and funnel into a container with a lid. Chill. 
To make a cocktail, fill a cocktail shaker with the whiskey, syrup & lemon juice,shake for 30 seconds ,pour into glass, garnish w/star anise.