Believing in good things + Amaranth Leaves & Brussels Sprouts Stir Fry


After 2 days of being in a warm sleep pocket, I woke up early today. I parted the curtains , it was foggy and just the right amount of chilly,winter is here. I sat in our living room porch, the one with the bamboo swing and a lot of plants all lovingly nurtured by Vivek, my husband and thought about our lives together. If someone had told me 6 years ago that I would be sitting here while I wait for the love of my life to wake up, I wouldn’t have believed them. Not because I didn’t think it was not possible, because I am a die-hard romantic at heart but because I did not have the ability to think so far in the future with so much certainty.

So take a pause, take a pause to think about the life you have now. Maybe you are in a good place or maybe you are not in a good place, but don’t stop believing. And savour the now , savour the moment. Savour life. You may not know what lies ahead, so enjoy today.

Speaking of which, I made this Stir fry? Salad? Whatever you would like to call it. It’s an‘Amaranth Leaves & Brussels sprouts sit fry with Paanch Phoron/ or the magical 5 spice mix in Bengali cuisine’ . It’s a perfect side for your dinners. Having a dinner party? Serve this as a vegetarian/vegan side dish, the slightly charred brussel sprouts add crunch and the if you have ever had amaranth leaves, you know the lovely flavour it adds. And last but not the least, the paanch phoron adds a beautiful aroma

1 cup Brussel sprouts halved, and 1 bunch red amaranth leaves washed w/ a bit of the stems removed
1-2 tsps Paach phoron (a mix of cumin seeds, mustard seeds ( or ‘radhuni’ which is , fennel seeds, nigella seeds, fenugreek seeds in equal )
Mustard oil as per taste
2-3 Dry red chilli
Sesame seeds (optional)
Salt to taste

1.Toss the brussel sprouts in mustard oil and some salt
2.Heat oil in a pan, add ‘paanch phoron’ spice mix , add the brussel sprouts & cook till slightly charred
3.Add the amaranth leaves, fry and cook covered for sometime
4.Add some toasted sesame seeds & serve