Lébu Supper- Winter Table (special edition) , an immersive culinary experience in Bangalore

An Culinary Experience Created With Love, Local Produce & Re-Imagining Old Classics Into Contemporary Versions

Lébu Suppers were born out of the love of food. We admire the power it has to connect all of us, connect all of us to strangers, to cultures, to the earth and to ourselves. Each supper is born to highlight food, it could be through an ingredient, appreciating what is local and in season or simply a forgotten cuisine; all re-imagined in a new form.

Lébu Supper Winter Table (Special Edition) (1).png

The Lébu Supper Winter Table (special edition) is a 5 courses sit-down dinner created by home chef & food enthusiast Pratyusha Sarkar.

As Nigel Slater, renowned food writer says “Winter is a renewal, the cold weather, the long for bright light, skies of pale blue and soft grey light that is at once calm and gentle, fresh and crisp “. Winter flavours are like presents wrapped , warm & bountiful. Winter food is both a celebration & sustenance. It is about feasting while we huddle together.

The culinary experience is inspired by winter bounty and all that it has to offer. Guests will be taken through a journey of carefully created dishes using local & seasonal ingredients, presented through new & re-imagined forms.

Come, join us for this evening as slow down, over a table of food & tales, and appreciate life. To know more about Past Lébu Suppers, go here. To know about up coming Lébu Supper & to book the next supper, go here.

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