Pratyusha Sarkar


Thank you so much for showing up here. My name is Pratyusha Sarkar. I am 32 years old & I live in Bangalore with my husband but I grew up in Ahmedabad, studied & worked in Bombay for the longest time before we moved here. I am a Food ‘nerd’, a cook & a Traveler. I also work as a ‘Communication & Marketing Expert’, and till recently I was heading the communications mandate for a leading health-tech company.

Pratyusha in Sanskrit means ‘Dawn’. And like my name ,this right ‘here’, this small piece of online space is the dawn of a new expression. A new expression of all that I believe in.

I love creating and on an average day, you will find me cooking in the kitchen or thinking of new dishes or even cocktails (I love creating new cocktails), or watching a show about food or reading about food, or planning my next travel; travels where I can actually slow down and discover a new side of myself.

I am a cook (not professionally trained) & I am always learning but I am surely a total nerd in the kitchen. A few years ago I started as a total amateur. But even back then I guess I had flavour understanding and a total respect for the process.From cooking for ‘one’ when I lived on my own & now cooking for others, I want to just connect with food & find a deeper connection with food, people, & cultures when I travel. I am no Chef but I experiment, I learn, I cook everyday. I have made food a key focus of my life for the past few years. And all that you see , all the recipes , & the Lébu Suppers, the writing; is the result of that. I am also a ‘recipe developer, I am also an amateur photographer & an amateur stylist. I am also a content creator and marketer (not amateur); given that I spent a decade as a professional communicational professional for large companies and brands, mostly food brands.

For the past 10 years I have been working as a marketeer. I worked at food companies in marketing teams like Saffola (Marico) & Kellogg’s. I created concepts, and helped in building new categories & markets and to brand building campaigns. And I was lucky to taste lots of food, to work with top chefs, creators, food writers; I guess my heart had always been in food.

Food & Travel are everything I live for and work for. Everything that you see here is a sum total of all my experiences, it is about me traveling solo in Bhutan & staying with a family in a remote rural valley & learning their family recipes. It is about spending late nights and early mornings in the kitchen experimenting, working before every supper I host, it is about traveling not to escape but to learn more about myself.

6 months ago I took a sabbatical from my corporate job, to just cook, eat & travel; much to the surprise to my peers; who questioned my decision to pause in the middle of a good career. I loved my work but I wanted to pause & follow my other love for a while. In this time , so far, I have spent a month in the Himalayas in Spiti, working at a café and developed recipes & a menu using local Himalayan ingredients, cooked and created new dishes on most days, learned food photography & styling (learning), I have lived in a monastery on top of an isolated mountain at 15000 feet , I have dived in the sea for the first time in my life in Srilanka and stayed in a 500 year old Portuguese house with a family & learned traditional recipes from them in a small village in Goa. I have also hosted several Lébu Suppers, creating and cooking for all of them.

My life philosophy is to live and learn from moments, I believe that life is lived in the small everyday moments & its not only necessary but important to cherish those moments. To really ‘savour’ life,the good , the bad, the memorable. And what better way to cherish way to savour life than through food, travel and slow living.