Want to work with Lébu journal?

There are many ways in which Lébu Journal can lend expertise to your brand or platform through compelling stories. Whether it is through food or travel or encouraging a slow beautiful lifestyle that let’s your audience savour life’s little moments. I have over a decade of experience in marketing & media and having worked on the other side (being part of marketing teams of top food brands) , I understand what it takes to create the right content for the right audience.

I worked for a decade in top Indian & global food & lifestyle companies and created and built some of the best known brands using traditional & digital marketing, so I can say I know a thing or two when it comes to understanding how the right voice to the brand can help in building a long lasting imagery & positioning.

Additionally, I have also worked at a commercial restaurant and helped develop recipes with locally grown indigenous ingredients and this continues to be a favourite area of focus currently.

Possible areas that I can help with: Best fit for Food, Travel & Lifestyle Brands

  1. Content creation & content strategy consulting

  2. Recipe development

  3. Brand communication & Strategy consulting

  4. Website & related content development

  5. Article writing on food & travel

  6. Social media posts

  7. Travel guides that can add value to the brand & audience

  8. Curated events:

    A.I also conceptualise and create curated food events where we use different concepts to bring forth less popular cuisines & use of local indigenous ingredients. For more information , check the Lébu Supper section. In the past, brands have associated for such events, please let us know if you would like to.

    B.I also create curated food & lifestyle events which match your brand and add value to your brand’s imagery, I can also suggest strategies to scale-up the same and reach a wider audience than just the ones attending.

I am passionate about supporting small businesses and start-ups especially in the area of food, travel & lifestyle and such brands can benefit from a my integrated communication, brand positioning and content development expertise, please contact if you would like to know how.

I would love to know your vision , what you would like to achieve and how we can work together and support each other. Please fill the form for any queries or you can mail me on

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