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Lébu Journal is a online content & real-life events platform inspiring people to savour the little moments in life and savour life especially through food & travel . It encourages to slow down and find joy in little moments of joy, whether its by cooking up a fantastic meal or through sharing a meal with others or through finding yourself when you travel.

If you resonate with this, please write in to submit an article, which can be in the following categories, please feel free to suggest others:

  1. Recipes or ingredient led essays that delve in to different cuisines, especially those which are unpopular

  2. Photo essays of food and/or travel with a strong narrative

  3. Travel essays & Travel Guides that go describe a place or experience beyond what is covered in guidebooks & popular website (or your own perspective or learning)

  4. Travel stories that explore cuisines & cultures

  5. Narratives from home cooks & communities

  6. Guides for home entertaining through food

Guides to pitching:

Please write in to with your thoughts for essays & articles. I love new ideas and especially if they are unique views and showcase an unique point of view. Please send an e-mail on with your pitch.